Reggae Music Lessons: Top 3 Reasons Reggae Music Sales Suck and how to change it

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I write this totally from the perspective of an internet marketing strategist, as someone who spends 80 percent of her waking hours online reading,tracking trends and who is very biased towards conscious reggae and dancehall artists like Shabba, Lady Saw, Gregory Isaacs,Peter Tosh and yes Bob Marley of course.  This post was inspired by a long talk with a friend of mind who’s in the business as a sound engineer and producer who’s worked in pretty much every studio in the country. So, with biases and background declared, let me get to my Reggae music lessons for the industry.
1. The music, the music, the artiste, the artiste.
Negros, if you haven’t already seen it in the headlines or your own dwindling tour dates and endorsements – the gun and b*tty man  fi dead tunes are so 90s. It may get you a little crowd rail up here, but it bleeds money from your pocket elsewhere, and frankly it’s so typical that it’s the unoriginal and talent-free that ride that path to a “buss”.  More

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