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FourSquare Founder gives Kingston BETA a video shout out

February 24, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Blog,Company News   |   21 Comments»

FourSquare co-founder and lead developer shout out Kingston BETA and we announce the new date for the next Kingston BETA.

The Number of Social Media Experts Decline + 2 more 2011 Predictions

February 19, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Blog,Resources   |   18 Comments»

Last year Social Media became the two words on everyone's lips. It became the thing everyone wanted to and did jump into- both businesses and the new industry experts. Over 500,000 Jamaicans poured on to Facebook; Jamaica Pegasus Hotel made the word Tweetup a household name and a powerful brand affinity event for themselves; and The Jamaica Tourist Board made the Blogger's Meetup gain mind share and cred in the Jamaican travel industry. Hundreds of Jamaican companies startups and established brands made a bit to establish themselves on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and FourSquare. Now at the start of 2011, the pace ...

ConnectiMass Media Blog Wins Top Awards at the Jamaica Blog Awards

February 08, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Blog,Company News   |   0 Comment»

At the inaugural Jamaica Blog Awards at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston recently,   our technology media blog won the Best Technology Blog award and also the Blog of the Year awards which is judged by 19 independent judges. One word…WOW. Ok two..Thankful…Ok a few more….Doing Cartwheels. We are so happy for the recongnition and must say thanks to all of our  guest and consistently contributing bloggers in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the USA, all of our readers, supporters and voters, it’s ...

February 07, 2011  |   Posted by :   |   Testimonials   |   11 Comments»

 Kingston BETA, 8.5 years running. Over 60 events, 6000 attendees, over 200  Entrepreneurs have pitched their big tech ideas.