6 things Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurs can do in tribute to Tech Visionary Steve Jobs

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We lost the greatest tech entrepreneur of our time yesterday. Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple, the company that through its people focused innovations, irrevocably changed the way we live and do business. He died yesterday at the age of 56. After I wrote my own personal tribute of how his life changed mine, I thought of how we can use how he lived and did business, to inspire us tech entrepreneurs here in the Caribbean. Here are 6 ways.

1. Consistently Challenge the Status Quo : We in the Caribbean tend to let things slide a little too easily, and let bad things drag out for a little too long – giving our ineffective leaders and mediocre companies nothing but loud and long talks in bars and on our patios. We then leave it right there thinking, maybe even hoping, that somehow someone else but us, will do something to change things. It’s so easy eh? Anyone can become an armchair general.

Yet I believe that if all you can do is talk, then talk in a manner that pisses off a few people; talk so that you make alot of people become uncomfortable and what you said memorable; talk so that it stirs people to action. Otherwise be quiet, go back to the beach and wait. You see, you have to realise that you were born to live your best life ( yes I stole that from Oprah but it’s so damn true), so you do have a right to talk, to do, to write, to start a movement, to challenge anything that doesn’t work anymore…to challenge the way things have always been done, yet just not relevant anymore. What are you going to challenge from right where you are ? More

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