Founder’s Note: ConnectiMass + CONNECTiD-the decision that declares the difference!

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by Ingrid Riley
Since forever, my business life has been about social media and startups and those two passions were under the single umbrella brand of ConnectiMass. I had just over a week ago, leaked the news publicly of what I had decided to do, a while back-to divide and conquer, well kinda sorta.

I couldn’t execute on it any sooner, as I took a well needed 3 week vacation, the first in 5 years. Now refreshed, energise and focused, I was confident to post on the fan page and twitter feed of ConnectiMass the following:

News: We’ve extracted the Digital Marketing Services from ConnectiMass (now 100% about Caribbean Tech Startups), with expertise and clients in tow, amped up on the team, going for more gold on the global scene.
Welcome…ConnectiD – Digital Marketing Strategists. A full service digital marketing firm dedicated to providing strategy and implementation services for startups, established businesses, organizations, and non-profits, seeking to fully leverage the internet and mobile to grow.

The Deed is Done

And so yes it’s now official, we’ve always been open and doing business, but now we’ve and its Facebook, twitter and Google+ outposts. I have extracted the digital marketing services that was once one of the pillars of ConnectiMass, rebranded it CONNECTiD and now we’re full speed ahead in attracting more great clients.

In essence. ConnectiMass will focus on driving tech entrepreneurship and kickstarting Caribbean Tech Startups and ConnectiD will focus on being a go-to digital marketing firm helping clients around the world build better brands with social media.

Why Separate them ?

ConnectiMass evolved. Now synonymous with Caribbean Tech Industry initiatives, media and events.

Over the past two years, 2011 in particular, were stellar for ConnectiMass – its tech event brand Kingston BETA is firmly entrenched as the tech industry must go bimonthly event to network with the smartest minds, passionate people in the business and to hear their big idea pitches. It celebrated 5 years, over 40 events attended by over 2,500 people. It has hosted regional speakers, development agencies officials, ministers of government, world renowned tech entrepreneurs. It’s now influencing the models of similar meetups now brewing in the rest of the Caribbean.

Caribbean BETA the annual tech entrepreneurship conference was launched in December 2011 and we brought Silicon Valley to Kingston in the form of Marc Canter, co-founder of Marcromedia the company that created flash and sold to Adobe. Additionally, Michelle Messina, Vice President of GuideWire Group a Silicon-Valley based company who’s founder Chris Shipley produced and hosted America’s biggest startup and tech product conference DEMO.

It had 230 attendees, 17 startups finalists pitching for prizes and braggables, got loads of Caribbean and Diaspora press and firmly placed the event in the minds of the Caribbean Tech industry and its partners. Added to that, the media blog that covers the Caribbean Tech Industry won its 3rd award for Best Technology Blog and its monthly readership keeps growing. It is also now selectively becoming media partners for other tech and business events.

ConnectiMass also got involved with many initiatives that was focused on helping to build out the ecosystem, that can kickstart more Caribbean Tech Startups and spawn more success stories. We got involved with such projects as World Bank’s Digital JAM 2.0 project and the Caribbean Growth Forum.

ConnectiMass’s activities and achievements, also personally got me invited to the board of the government’s Central Information Technology Office, an organisation that oversees the strategy and development of ICT has a major driver of Jamaica’s future.

So, now ConnectiMass is positioned as a social venture that will go even harder on driving tech entrepreneurship in Jamaica and across the Caribbean. With its evolved status also, it’s more primed for partnership with development agencies, angel/venture capitalists & funds, entrepreneurship foundations and groups with direct synergies such as the Creative Industries and groups such as the Visual Performing Arts Association of Jamaica (VPAJ) and diaspora based venture funders such as Keystone Augusta.

ConnectiMass in 2011 became synonymous with Caribbean Tech Industry initiatives, media and events and with this singular focus, and can now position itself for longevity and greater successes in that rolen of helping as many tech entrepreneurs as possible to launch businesses and create jobs.

CONNECTiD- full service digital marketing outfit. Based in Jamaica. Virtual with a Global Team.

Digital Marketing Services has always been an area of personal expertise, that’s over the 8 years in the field, won me a great variety of exciting clients, speaking gigs at universities and conferences, radio and tv interviews, guest blogging requests and respect as strategist.

I’ve worked with brands directly, partnered with pr and ad agencies to do work for a range of clients including JMMB, Jamaica Stock Exchange, Digicel Group, Samsung, Geejam Media, Jamaica Tourist Board, JAMPRO, CARIMAC, Flow Jamaica and Grace Kennedy.

I was a one woman whirlwind, digital marketing strategist for hire for the most part, training and hiring social media associates along the way. So with clients in tow, a few very successful key advisors watching my back and leverage their network of contacts, it’s time now to go to the next level, but a little differently. The next few months ahead are exciting! We just launched the first iteration of our site at Check us out.

Initially I thought the change would have been super risky, it felt that way initially, but since moving with it, things have been flowing and very well. Now each entity has a clear focus and path to more success.

Thanks to everyone who’ve been inspiring, advising, supporting and recommending me. Please continue. I am very, very thankful.

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