A More Integrated ConnectiMass Emerges !

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You may have noticed that we’ve evolved…we’ve added a Digital Marketing Division and changed the narrative on much of our website. A more integrated ConnectiMass emerges for the fast emerging Digital Caribbean and Diaspora !

We had online media brands, we we’ve been doing a lot of Caribbean Tech Events and we’ve had a separate brand that’s been helping Caribbean companies go Social. In the process of doing all of that for the last few years, we’ve been seeing certain trends emerging – so we decide to connect our dots and integrate our brands under a single house focused on a single mission.

Our Mission is based on the question – how can we connect more Caribbean people and businesses in the emerging Digital Caribbean and Diaspora to the possibilities of technologies such as the internet and mobile to evolve, innovate and grow?

In essence we’ve evolved into a modern media company for Digital Caribbean!

That said, we’re still editing copy and we’ll also soon change the look of our website. In the mean time all business continues with all our current brands as we unfold our plans in 2016. We’re excited!

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