We help Caribbean startups +  businesses leverage technology to innovate and prosper, by connecting them to the right people and information via our online media + event platforms.

Our flagship online media property is SiliconCaribe.com. Founded in 2007, it is the leading source for news, events and special reports on Caribbean technology innovation, startups and digital culture, for the over 20 million Caribbean and Diaspora entrepreneurs, business decision-makers, creatives and tech enthusiasts now online.

We are a big believer in the emerging #DigitalCaribbean and our inevitable success in the Global Digital Economy.

Additionally, we have STARTUP CARIBE is a regional community initiative with a mission to help Caribbean Tech entrepreneurs build great businesses and help grow the Caribbean Startup Ecosystem.  Since 2007, the programme has been connecting aspiring and current Caribbean entrepreneurs to each other, potential co-founders and funders via regular meetup and pitch events, educational events and online communities. Through the programme, we also keep the Caribbean Tech Community well information, through our Caribbean Tech blog and email newsletters. We’ve been priming the pipeline that’s leading to more Caribbean Startups.





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Kingston BETA  | Meetup
It’s the bi-monthly Jamaica’s Tech Community Meetup that kickstarted the Jamaican Startup Movement in 2007. Since then over 60 events, 6,000 attendees and over 200 entrepreneurs have pitched their technology ideas. Aspiring and current Jamaican/Caribbean entrepreneurs, developers, designers, college students, tech professionals and investors attend the series – To Learn. Be Inspired. To Network. A better informed, connected, successful and recognised Jamaican tech community is resulting.


Pronounced Connect – I ( like when saying In) – Mass.  We’re about connecting people and businesses in the emerging Digital Caribbean and Diaspora to the possibilities of technologies such as the internet and mobile.

It’s the core of who we we are and what we do. When we were thinking about what we wanted to, the process to naming the company went a little something like this.

We said:

Connect – We’re are the center of connections – Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Businesses- connecting them to the people, information and resources they need to leverage technology.

I– Represents the Information + Internet + Innovation

Mass – Means people, in fact lots of people.

So our name is a mashup  of  our intentions, mixed with a couple of definitions and that’s how we got ConnectiMass as our organisation’s name.

The DragonFly as our Symbol

The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation and that is our goal- to help Caribbean and Diaspora businesses leverage technology to innovate and grow.



Connectimass was founded in 2007 and part of our vision was to connect people and information from disparate parts of the tech industry, build a community and make a difference — there were zero technology industry meeetups, blogs, tech resources and publications— we had to start somewhere – something had to change. We became passionate about catalyzing this change. We saw how important it was to have more individuals in technology and in business as entrepreneurs, developers, creatives, mentors and investors talking to each other, sharing their stories and also encouraging others to take advantage of the opportunities of the Digital Age.

As a passion project – we, started by hosting our first networking meetup called Kingston BETA in January 2007 – which had 90attendees, from 4 Caribbean countries. After 7 years, mostly operating as a passion project for founder Ingrid Riley, being pulled by the momentum of the growing community, partnerships and connections, we have grown ConnectiMass into the leading tech entrepreneurship organisation for the next generation of technology leaders in the Caribbean.

ConnectiMass has been credited with kickstarting the Caribbean Startup Movement  and has our founder has won awards for the work she leads with the organisation. ConnectiMass works with governments, universities, international development agencies, large corporate brands, youth groups on various initiatives and we’ve only just begun.

Everyday our work is inspired by the fact that we get to be the change we want to see in the world – a personal mantra of our founder.