OUR Achievements

These are just a few of Our Achievements in Online Media, Caribbean Technology Events and Caribbean Tech Community Development over the years.


Our Online Media Firsts

  • First Jamaica and Caribbean Internet Guide, iGuide Jamaica ( 1999)
  • First and longest running Caribbean Tech Blog – SiliconCaribe.com, (2005) ( Has 3 National Blog Awards)
  • First to have brought Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and Trainers to the Jamaica Tech Startup Movement ( 2011)


Our Caribbean Technology Events

  • First Technology Community Meetup in Jamaica and the Caribbean, Kingston BETA  and we kickstarted the Jamaican Tech Startup Scene. ( 2007)
    -Had over 70 Tech Meetups that’s seen over 7,000 attendees, and over 250 Entrepreneurs who’ve pitched.
  • First Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurship Conference, Caribbean BETA ( 2011)
  • Had 2 Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurship Conferences ( Caribbean BETA) that had 32 teams pitch their ideas, 500 attendees from 6 Caribbean countries attendees.
  • First Startup Weekend Jamaica ( 2013)
  • Technical Managed the Caribbean’s first Agriculture Hackathon called AgriHack Caribbean.