ConnectiMass is a 7 year old Caribbean Innovation Hub. We are about Technology. Entrepreneurship. Community.
We are empowering the next generation of Caribbean technology and business leaders. We’re on a mission to increasing the number of successful tech entrepreneurs and startups in the region and help take Caribbean Tech Ideas Global.  We Believe that Tech Entrepreneurship can create Social and Economic Change in the Caribbean!

We inspire, connect and train aspiring and current entrepreneurs and innovators, especially young people and women, by creating community and capacity building events, digital content and developmental initiatives for them.

We Believe in Youth and Women Tech Entrepreneurship for Social and Economic Change!

INSPIRE| Talks. Media. Competitions

ConnectiMass evangelises about Tech Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the opportunities of the Digital Age, in high schools and universities via youth groups, in class talks and special events – we believe in the power of sharing stories of possibilities, failure and success especially to young people and women.

We often enlist members of our Caribbean Tech Community and Global Partner Network- current entrepreneurs, developers, creatives, mentors and trainers  to speak and share their stories. We also work with education institutions, foundations and developmental agencies to produce competitions as a hands on way to inform and inspire individuals to become Tech Entrepreneurs and Innovators. We also introduce them to the SiliconCaribe.com blog as an online media resource that that they can refer to consistently for news, interviews and trends.

CONNECT  | Meetups. Networks. Events
Connectimass connects entrepreneurs, developers, creatives, investors, mentors to each other through our Community meetups such as Kingston BETA, annual events  such as Caribbean Startup Week, Online Peer Networks, Global Partner Networks, Mentorship Network and Funding Network as well as Job and Opportunities Database.

Community Events
- Kingston BETA
- Caribbean Startup Week

Online Peer Networks
- Caribbean Women in Tech
Slashroots Developers
Jamaica Association of Developers
Jamaica Design Association

Regional & Global Partner Network
Bright Path Foundation
Slashroots Foundation
Mbadiba Foundation
Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)
Startup Genome Jamaica

Our Mentors Network

Funding Network

Job and Opportunities Database.
ConnectiMass established a Job and Opportunities Database, where you can add your profile to our database of the best and brightest in the Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora who are seeking connections to jobs and opportunities. If you are a developer, designer, animator, project manager, etc looking for a job or projects, then add yourself to our database, we are asked regularly to recommend and connect talented and individuals who are part of our community. Add your profile here.

TRAIN  | Workshop Bootcamps. Courses. Classes
ConnectiMass is about empowering individuals to pursue the work they love, and to create amazing opportunities for themselves and others.  We’re empowering aspiring and current innovators to create, launch and prosper, transforming them from being a generation from mere consumers of technology to creators of technologies.

We’re building the capacity of aspiring entrepreneurs, developers and creatives especially young people and women, through our series of capacity building events- such as our BETA Bootcamps, Startup Weekend Jamaica, Online Courses.

We offer bootcamp style workshops, classes and courses that’s focused on the most relevant technical, business and soft skills needed for the 21st century – from Pitching Ideas to Investors, How to Raise Funding, Mobile Apps Development, Digital Content Creation, Business model Development, Learn Startup Methodologies, Digital Marketing and more.