ConnectiMass ( cHub) has been a catalyst of the Caribbean Tech Community’s growth since 2007. We are focused on growing the tech community and startup culture by inspiring, connecting and training young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, developers, designers and college students. Then connecting the Caribbean Tech Community to the World.

ConnectiMass ( cHub) also creates various meeting points for the growing Caribbean Tech Community and industry stakeholders to connect, share ideas and collaborate. All of this is achieved through College Talks, Meet-ups, Pitch Nights, Focus Groups, Hackathons, Competitions, Workshops, Startup Weekends, Bootcamps and Talks from guest speakers.

The focus of our Community Development Initiatives is to:

-Connect people, ideas and technology

-Encourage an entrepreneurial mindset, creative thinking and collaborative problem- solving in young people and women.

- Encourage the acceptance of the culture of failing fast on the way to success.

- Build new skills and competencies.

- Help to diversify the Caribbean tech industry.

- Encourage technology innovation via entrepreneurship in key areas of the Caribbean economy and social sectors.

-Increase the number of successful tech startup entrepreneurs in the Region

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