STARTUP CARIBE is a regional community first initiative with a mission to help Caribbean Tech entrepreneurs build great businesses and help grow the Caribbean Startup Ecosystem.  Since 2007, the programme has been connecting aspiring and current Caribbean entrepreneurs to each other, potential co-founders and funders via regular meetup and pitch events, educational events and online communities. Through the programme, we also keep the Caribbean Tech Community well informed, through our Caribbean Tech blog– and email newsletters. We’ve been priming the pipeline that’s leading to more Caribbean Startups.


  • To build, strengthen and support vibrant startup communities in the Caribbean + Diaspora
  • To accelerate the pace of Caribbean Innovation by connecting Caribbean Entrepreneurs to the people, entrepreneurial education and events they need to get Inspired, Connect, Learn and Network.


        SiliconCaribe | Caribbean Startup Monthly

SiliconCaribe | Caribbean Startup Monthly is a monthly curated insider newsletter for all things startup in the Caribbean. It allows Caribbean Entrepreneurs to find and connect with the communities, news and events.

  • BETA Communities
    • Kingston BETA
    • Bridgetown BETA ( Coming in 2016)
    • Port of Spain BETA ( Coming in 2016)

BETA events are tech community meetup + pitch event series for current aspiring and current Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurs.